Lee Clow said, “Don’t tell them you’re going to learn their business.  Tell them that you’re going to teach them yours.”  Every shop that ever did a pitch said that they were going to learn their client’s business from the inside out.  Learn what makes their client tick.  No kidding–and we promise to bring a pen to every meeting to take notes.

Good clients want to know what’s going on and how it works. What’s up with this branding thing and how important is it that we do it well.  And why is it more important to be different than better?

Then there are great clients that want to learn.  They want you to teach them how to do it.  Great work comes when you have great clients.

Real Integrated Marketing Communications isn’t something clients point at.  They need to wrap themselves in it and then move through the stages of the buying process personally. They can only do that when they have gained a deep education in the process.