If we look back and make assessments about whether or not we’ve been reasonably successful over the years, we might tend to blame our good fortune on things like talent, experience, hard work and certainly a measure of good luck.  But in this business, we can’t be successful without perfect relationships.  Not just the kind where you know a good vendor that can provide good value for the money you pay.  I’m talking about the kind that covers your ass when you hadn’t thought everything through the way you should have.  The kind that in spite of what you asked for, they always came up with a better way–and you got the credit.  Those were the people that crossed over from just being a vendor to being a friend.

We all know people like that but maybe we didn’t all know George Zenger.  George was a printer. He died last week.  He was one of the Zenger brothers.  A whole family of those kind of vendors–the ones who have your back, make you look good and become good friends in the process.  I just thought it was worth mentioning that without George and his brothers, and people like them, I would have probably spent the last twelve years working for somebody else, wondering what it was like to be on my own.  Thanks George.  I’ll miss you.