Last week I purchased the new iPhone 4S from the Apple Store in the Galleria.  No wait; they had them in stock, even the white one.  I paid the money, and then they took me over to the set up table where they attempted to transfer all of the stuff from my old 3GS to the new iPhone; as well as sync it up with my laptop.  They hooked up the wires, pushed some switches, clapped their hands and declared “All Set.”

Got home, only half of the data from the old phone moved over and the new phone would not sync with the computer.  S%#*!  Yesterday, made an appointment for the Genius Bar, where they struggled to try and get everything to work. Weren’t really sure what the problem was, but thought they had figured it out…kind of.  Got everything home and fired it all up…they got it half figured it out.  Point here is that while the Apple Store can overwhelm you with service and a smile, not all of the geniuses are quite that.

Second point is that anyone that depends on his or her Macs and Apples for a livelihood can’t depend just on the Genius Bar at the mall.  You need to know Mike Beato and Mac Solutions Plus.  A lot of people are familiar with Mac Solutions, and some few in the know are aware of Beato.  There’s a cost as opposed to the free genius bar, but there are few things more unsettling for a freelancer than having the machinery and software under performing.  Neither Beato nor Mac Solutions present themselves as geniuses. They’re just smarter than the guys that do.