“Don’t just compare offices or bodies or client lists.  Compare vibrations.  Visit the agency at six-o’clock at night.  If you find people still working, and they enjoy working, then you’ll feel good vibrations.  Agencies have personalities. Some are somber.  Some are nervous.  Some are relaxed.  Some are tense.  But, no matter what the personality, It’s tough for a nine-to-five agency to be a great agency. If I were a client. I’d want an agency where the vibrations suggest I’m going to get more work for my money; where there will be more energy in every ad.  That’s what we try to achieve.  I think we have.  I believe that’s helped us win business in a business where the competition is very intense.  Where the noise level is very high.”

Jerry Della Femina
Founder of Della Femina, Travisano & Partners