Back in 2015 I quoted Robert Solomon who wrote: “The right questions prove how smart you are, how well you listen, and how clearly you communicate. Above all else, asking the right question leads to formulating a smart answer, and in that answer is the kernel of an idea that addresses a challenge or solves a problem.” Solomon’s no doubt pretty good at getting to the crux of an issue by knowing how to ask questions.

As a client I had an account manager who taught me a lot about asking probing questions—Dick Day at Healey Schutte & Comstock.  About him I wrote that his skill lay in the questions he was asking, taking us to critical issues that we had never addressed or even considered. Each question was followed by our response, which prompted a deeper, more probing question. How well you ask questions defines you.

This week, Mike Beato, whom I’ve worked with for the past forty years, also brought up in his blog how critical the ability to ask questions is.  Mike has been, for a lot of people, Buffalo’s go-to computer, internet, and web guy. I’ve always said that Mike isn’t a tech guy.  He’s a smart guy that knows tech.  Big difference.

Mike’s recent post hammers home how critical the ability to ask questions is. It’s a quick read. It’s important.