Marketing Coordinator.
Should be able to write copy for ads and supporting collateral as well as proofread.  Also write press releases and manage press conferences.  Must know full Adobe suite including Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, In Design, etc.  Candidate will be able to do pivot tables in Excel.  In addition to budget development, responsibilities will include concepting, developing and managing web site as well as advancing company’s presence in all social media to include LinkedIn, Face book, Twitter, as well as do video production.  Working knowledge of astrophysics would be a plus.  Should have one to three years experience in marketing communications.

Geez. Come on.  You’re killing me!

We’ve all seen these postings. As an alternative to hiring a full-service, multi-departmental, real ad agency, or even freelancers, a company hires Tiffany with three years experience, not withstanding that it would take one person eighty years to accumulate that much experience. People who are not real good at any one thing typically pretend to be a little good at lots of things.  Great copywriters aren’t often good at art direction.  Good designers don’t usually write press releases.  Those that are social media geeks are never good with clients. Sometimes organizations looking to fill marketing and communications positions don’t have a clue as to what they’re looking for—or even know what they want done.  Ask somebody.